About Us

KCDL’s Vision

Grow to satisfy the total coconut community both domestic and overseas, through integration of appropriate development and maximization of returns from coconut-based products.

KCDL’s Mission

The Company will provide efficient and sustainable business operation through innovative research, improve and competitive service and standard products that apply appropriate measures and techniques in the production of coconut-based products for both domestic and international markets and in the development, production and delivery of unique, competitive and affordable coconut-based products to substitute imported products.

KCDL’s Corporate Values & Principles

The Kiribati Coconut Development Co. Ltd values a 100% achievement rates for Maximum profits and excellent performance through 100% attitude, customer satisfaction & employee participation;


“ Quality is 100% Standard”

“Customers are 100% Satisfied”

“Employees are 100% Motivated”

“Resources are 100% Available”

“Products are 100% Desirable”

“Assets are 100% Minded”